Till death do us part

Igår hände det - jag såg det absolut sista avsnittet utav Pretty Little Liars. It's GAME OVER. Det känns alltid så konstigt när en serie är slut, man har ändå skaffat sig någon typ utav konstig relation med karaktärerna och hela miljön. Så helt plötsligt så blir det inte mer. 7 säsonger och 7 år tog det innan vi fick veta vem A.D är. Seriens skapare Marlene King hade lovat oss alla fans att vi skulle få svar på alla frågor. Det hände ju dock inte. Jag och alla andra sitter som frågetecken. Det finns massor vi inte fick reda på .. och sånt gör mig lite arg. Frustrerad. Nedan kommer jag lista sånt som alla undrar. Listan är hämtad från tumblr, därav är den på engelska. Markera för att läsa!


1. What was the point of the puzzle pieces of the puzzle image meant nothing? 2. How was that not related to Archer or Bethany Young’s drawings? 3. Speaking of which, how is Bethany not more relevant to this? 4. If Bethany isn’t relevant then what does this picture that Marlene posted from the finale mean? Is she just a bad speller? 5. Why impregnate Ali with Emily’s eggs? What was the point of that? 6. Why was a Melissa mask necessary? 7. What was the point of holding Ezra captive? 8. Why did A.D. favor Aria so much and pull her to the dark side? 9. Also Alex climbed in bed next to Aria and said she would love her the most. Why did she have such a soft spot for Aria? 10. If Wren broke out Mona from Welby, then when was he killed? Didn’t we just see him at the airport? 11. Why did Alex kill him? 12. Was Melissa ever even in this episode or was that Mona? If not, where is she? 13. What the point of this picture of a burned person? I liked the fan theory better than the actual ending in which Bethany was burned during the Jenna Thing and that gave her more motive. 14. What was the purpose of Ali and Bethany being pen pals? 15. What purpose did Sara Harvey serve and why make her both Red Coat and Black Widow? 16. What was the point of Bethany’s drawings? 17. What was the relevance of the Carissimi group again? Wasn’t Jason involved somehow? 18. And how did Jenna and Noel become involved? That was briefly explained but still unclear to me. 19. Why were Alex and Mary Drake both at the blind school in 7x10 but they were playing for opposing sides? Who shot Spencer? 20. At what point did Wren and Melissa break up and he met Alex? The timeline seems off. 21. What was the point of Lucas’ comic book? Why was this never mentioned again? 22. What was Ian filming? Who was beach hottie? What was the point of NAT club? 23. Why did Jessica DiLaurentis tell Bethany to call her aunt? 24. Why would CeCe dress as Charles in the dollhouse if she’s transgender now? 25. How did Cece and Sara Harvey meet? 26. Who killed Sara Harvey? Noel? 27. What’s the significance of all the pie references? And pretty eyes? 28. In a flashback a few seasons ago, Ali comes into Spencer’s house with a bloodied lip and tries to hide it. Who did that to her? 29. What was the purpose of Sydney? How did she and Alex meet? 30. Why were so many people wearing yellow tops that night? 31. Who did Spencer hear scream back in the pilot episode? 32. Why is the number 214 constantly brought up? It was several hotel numbers, it was the locker number that Aria used, it’s been seen several times over the course of all the seasons. 33. How did Alex create this board game? How was she everywhere at once? 34. Why doesn’t she have more motive against Mary Drake who sold her when she was a baby? 35. Back a few seasons ago, there was a scene where they police had suspects written on a chalkboard. Why was “Dr” Wren in quotations? Is he really a doctor? 36. Why did Bethany have Melissa’s riding helmet? 37. Why did Eddie Lamb recognize Aria in Radley? 38. Was Spaleb real or was that Alex? 39. Did Alex kill Yvonne? 40. Who built the dollhouse? 41. Why was Noel helping with the dollhouse? 42. What was the point of all the Alison masks? 43. What did Maya know? 44. What is the exact timeline of the night Ali “died”? 45. What was the relevance of Melissa’s suitcase handle if that wasn’t a murder weapon? 46. What was the point of Garrett? 47. Who did Noel push down the stairs at that party and why? 48. Who put the blood in Spencer’s bag during her interview at Oxford? 49. Why were Shana and Jenna afraid of Melissa? 50. Who sent Toby the text about his mom? 51. Who drove a car into Emily’s house? 52. Why was Wren seen coloring a picture of a woman in a red coat? 53. Why would Elliot hold such a grudge against Ali if he knew all along Ali didn’t kill CeCe and that she was trying to help her? 54. Also, doesn’t my theory that Elliot is really Wren make more sense since he stole someone’s identity any way? 55. Did Elliot and Wren know each other before meeting Charlotte and Alex? 56. What happened to Marco Fury? 57. What was the significance of the apple farm where Charles supposedly had a connection to Andrew? 58. Who was Leslie Stone? What was her purpose and why did she have multiple pairs of glasses? 59. Who knows about Twincer? Do Peter and Veronica know? Does Melissa know? 60. How did Jenna regain her vision and then lose it again? 61. Why was Spencer shot if Alex didn’t intend to kill her? 62. How did they catch Aria on that New Hampshire traffic cam? 63. What did Melissa whisper to Peter when they were being questioned at the police station? 64. Did we ever find out why Bethany killed Toby’s mom? 65. Who was Varjack? 66. What was with all the literary references? 67. When did Charlotte visit an Amish farm with Archer when she was in Radley? What was the timeline of when she got out of Radley? 68. What happened to the Alison bracelet? Wasn’t Bethany wearing it when she died? Why? 69. Why exactly was Pastor Ted brought back to be Charlotte’s dad? Why didn’t he play a larger role in the earlier seasons? 70. Was the cop in the finale really Mona’s boyfriend in Paris and that’s why she was able to keep them as dolls? 71. Also how was Toby’s mom in the flashback with him and Ali when they were teenagers if she was killed when Charlotte was a kid and Charlotte is older than Toby? PLOT HOLE 72. What does this mean? 73. What was Paige’s role in this? 74.  What’s with all the piano playing? 75. How were the Emison twins blue eyed and blonde hair when Emily and Wren are the parents? 76. Will Emison ever know who their baby daddy is? 77. What did the anagram or whatever “Miss Aria you’re a killer and not Ezra’s wife mean”? 78. What happened in Cape May? 79. What happened to Tippi the bird? 80. How did they make a mold of Wilden’s face if Wilden has been dead for a while now?


Me at the end of the last episode ..

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